Getting Back To Our Why | Honoring Women Who Have Placed Children For Adoption

Posted on May 28, 2017 by Infinite Options Customer Support | 0 Comments

We three owners of Charmed met while we were advocating for adoption in our local community. We were especially passionate about supporting women who had placed a child for adoption. 

Late night chats often turned into conversations about why there weren't more gifts to honor these women as well as adoptive families. 

It's actually how Charmed Collections was born. We wanted to celebrate your family's unique story. 

Fast forward 8 years and 8 of the 11 kids between the three of us were adopted. 

I guess you could say that celebrating family, especially through adoption is our WHY. 

We kept that in mind as we were one of the main sponsors of a Mother's Day dinner in Utah recognizing and honoring women who have placed a child for adoption. It was so tender. 

We gave them all our She Believed She Could So She Did stacking bangle with an unicorn charm. 

There were inspirational messages and delicious island food from a locally owned favorite restaurant of ours! 

There were hula dancers and PLENTY of love. 

We grateful we got to be part of it. 




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