Meet The Creative Women Behind Charmed Collections

We are Charmed Collections, a handmade jewelry boutique who creates heirloom jewelry and gifts of hope. 

Each piece is handstamped by us to provide personalized, meaningful keepsakes. Every piece in our shop tells a story and that story begins in our studio. We use a powerful combo of blow torches, 1500 degree kilns, acid baths, power tools, metal cutters the size of your face, three-ton presses, and the finest hammering equipment available to create such delicate pieces. Don't get us wrong, while it's heavy duty work, we still get a thrill out of working with real gemstones like princesses. 
We're not just princesses with power tools though, we are also busy moms (and Justin Timberlake enthusiasts!) with 10 kids between the three of us.
 Charmed Collections Silversmiths
We met while doing adoption advocacy in our community. And we've been creating glittery awesomeness ever since.


Lindsey Redfern is a wild-spirited lover of messy art. An avid writer and open adoption advocate, Lindsey’s the voice of our shop and helps our clients verbalize their jewelry dreams.

Kim Orlandini is the nicest person you’ll ever meet yet shockingly irreverent. Her love of simplicity and photography talent gives life to our shop. She’s also our kiln master and manages our ever-changing inventory.

Leisha Kelsey is our creative rock star. A perfectionist with an infectious laugh, she oversees the precision work especially the hand-stamping. That necklace you're wearing? She stamped that. She also handles the numbers and keeps our shop on track.

We are located just southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

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