Thumbprint Necklace

Thumbprint.  One of the great privileges of our company is to create jewelry for the aching heart. This thumbprint necklace can keep those you love who can no longer be with you close by with something tangible. It is both heartbreaking and beautiful to make these custom pieces for you. 

  • Imported Italian Sterling silver
  • 7/8" charm (approximately)
  • 1.5 mm rolo chain

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1) Use a black ink pad; colored ink is harder to create an image from and often looses a bit of detail.

2) Plain white computer paper is the best for this. While it may seem that a thicker, textured, high end paper would be best, it makes it much harder to create an imprint for this piece.

3) Take 4-6 fingerprints as fingerprints always turn out slightly different each time. We can then use the image that stamped best to create this piece.

4) Scan or take a high resolution photo of the sheet of fingerprints. If you are unable to do that, you can also mail us the actual sheet. Email the scanned image/photo to us to create the piece.

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Type: Necklaces

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